Aligned Stars Agency talent have pledged over 500 hours to Everybody Wins! Atlanta. This organization is committed to helping evoke a positive change in our youth through reading. Their mission is to improve children’s literacy and to develop the reading skills of students in low-income elementary schools through shared reading experiences. Our actors will be volunteering in the POWER LUNCH and STORYTIME programs throughout the school year.

We, as an organization, realize that helping our youth is the best way to bring about positive and sustainable change in our community. We truly believe the work that Everybody Wins! Atlanta does on a daily basis is life altering and we couldn’t be happier that our actors have chosen to participate in their programs.

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I’ve always been proud to represent some of the best talent in this region, but it’s completely humbling and an honor to be surrounded by such giving and caring people.
Patrick Ryan, Aligned Stars Agency

About Everybody Wins! Atlanta

In 1997, Everybody Wins! Atlanta was founded, serving the students of Hope-Hill Elementary School through the Power Lunch program.  For over 18 years, Everybody Wins! Atlanta has been devoted to improving the reading skills and developing a love of reading in students who are reading below grade level, giving them a greater chance for success in school and expanding their life horizon.

Here’s how it works:

  • Volunteers are paired with a first through fifth grade student identified by his or her teacher as reading below his or her grade level.
  • Pairs meet each week during the student’s lunchtime for the entire school year, and the volunteer reads to the student for 30 minutes.

It is a simple, but proven concept.  Studies show that reading aloud to a child is the best way to improve literacy. Test scores and teacher feedback tell us this program works extremely well, and students tell us they can’t wait for Power Lunch each week.  Power Lunch really is POWERful!!

You can learn more by visiting their website at: