Andrea Jordan
Andrea JordanSpecial Advisor
I am very excited to share that Andrea Jordan will be taking on a new role with the agency as Special Advisor. Andrea has been an essential part of the agency’s success to date by primarily focusing on new talent submissions and personally scouting many of our current roster. She will be stepping away from her personal acting career to focus on this new initiative for the agency.

The Special Advisor role can simply be described as a built-in Manager for clients of the agency at no added cost. Together, Andrea and I will continue to review actor headshots, resumes, demos, and other marketing materials. While I focus on the current projects in production, she will offer sound advice for talent’s long term marketing strategies and development to continue to help each member of our roster grow as an artist.

This new approach will help insure both short term success and long term growth for everyone within the agency.

Andrea has been apart of the entertainment industry for over 20 years (yes, she began at a young age!). Her past experiences as an actor, model, spokesperson, teacher, casting assistant, and talent agent will prove to be extremely valuable in this role.

From the very beginning, it has been the vision of this agency to continually offer feedback and support to our roster.

I have absolute confidence in her ability and cannot wait to see the results.